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Last Update: 02/06/2015


The Center for Global Best Practices Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit institution established with the vision of spreading the culture of best practices in the Philippines as well as in other countries. The advocacy of the Center is to enhance the global competitiveness of individuals and organizations across various industries through best practices initiatives.

To realize its vision, the Center for Global Best Practices is continuously initiating the following activities:

1) Research - This is one of the major activities of the Center and includes the following:

     a) Research for new best practices material
     b) Research for existing best practices material with new updates
     c) Research to develop the center’s own best practices material

Since best practices involves continuous improvement and innovation, research is an ongoing process for the Center. Learning materials are constantly updated to be relevant to the times.

2) Education - With the aid of research, the Center aims to spread the culture of best practices by educating the public through seminars, in-house training, conferences, workshops and similar activities. This mandate is also achieved in partnership with different institutions such as the Enrique Zobel Foundation, Philippine Daily Inquirer, BusinessWorld, ING Bank, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Punongbayan & Araullo, Romulo Mabanta et al Law Office, among others.

The Center also engages in international partnerships such as with the National University of Singapore (NUS). The NUS is currently ranked as the number 1 business school in SouthEast Asia. This collaboration is with the objective of bringing to the Philippines the executive programs from NUS at a much cheaper and competitive price for the benefit of the Philippine public.

The Center’s target audiences are the senior to top-level executives, business owners and high net-worth individuals. The Center believes that the “educational push” for best practices can also be implemented effectively and fast if the initiative comes from the leadership and decision-makers of the organization.

3) Business Advisory - The Center provides a pool of experts and seasoned practitioners in various fields of specialization. Those who are in need of assistance or advise can tap into this pool to and benefit from this wealth of knowledge.

4) Awards - To create more awareness for its best practices advocacy, the Center is also looking at giving awards to organizations that embody the spirit and practice of the culture of excellence. This initiative is an ongoing search for the first Best Practices Award.

CGBP is also the partner and official secretariat of the International Chamber of Commerce Philippines.